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Friday, October 28, 2011


Hi Ya'll and Merry Christmas...
Okay, I know it is  little early for Christmas, but it is just around the corner....and for our family that means, new Christmas ornaments! I promised to share our unique ornaments close to Christmas.....but I couldn't wait. I happen to be one of THOSE people that can not stand to wait to open my gifts..(did you know a razor blade will cut the tape without detection, or messing up the paper) Growing up I always knew all my gifts before Christmas....and I like it that way!!!!  Anyway, it is that same personality quirk that will not allow me to wait to show all of you our treasures.....I will wait to do the the step by step (only because I haven't written or photographed it yet). Here are just a Mom has done these for over 50 years so I think the count is at about 250 ornaments. We each (Mom, Amelia, and me), do a new one each year. Let me know what you think?...See ya soon, Lori

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