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Monday, January 30, 2012

Rockin' Tangerine

Whoo! Hoot! I am finally ready to reveal the rest of the rocker...what rocker, you ask? Well back in January I revealed my Turquoise and Jewels  made from the back of an old rocking chair ( one of my great curbside finds). I could not stand to let the rest of this great wood go to waste, so I decided to create...again! Just a quick warning...this is a looong post, so stick with me. Here is where I started...
Curbside find...a bit wobbly
With no place to put this, and no buyers, I decided to take it apart and use the this....
A bunch of curvy wood....etc

From this....
to this!
You can see the full transformation of the jewelry holder Here
Now to the rest of the story...Ever tried to be creative?....It just doesn't work, but  I was determined to "create" with this pile of wood...something that would work with the shape of the wood. My first ampersand or a treble this...
First ideas
Do you see it?
I discussed this over with my husband (the carpenter side of this operation), and he said "Are you crazy I don't think that will work Lori."  Usually I'm a little pushy about my ideas, (not me!), but this wasn't the "It" I was looking for....ya know? 
I set it all aside and moved on...and I'm glad I did, cause'  the inspiration hit...
I just saw it!
I started laying out pieces and asking Cliff to fit it together. I didn't even say what it was going to be, cause' I didn't want to explain the "why" of it all. Of course, my sweet husband just went along....and with a smile too!
 Gotta love that man!!!!!
So here is how our journey progressed on the first day...
Arms of chair
Arms pieced together
Screwed and glued
First part done
Bottom of chair...scrolls

Pieced together
The parts of my creation...
ready to put together
Quite a lot done on the first day huh? Well it got a lot slower after this...I planned for a took a month! The next several days were spent putting together the pieces, adding caulk,  and filling with wood putty....this is the part I hate!

Caulk it
Filling holes
Better than caulk
Holes filled
After another week....Owlivia was born...she still had a long way to go , but ain't she cute?...(well, she has the potential to be cute...just wait)

Dark and dreary
Owlivia needs help
Did you see that coming? I just love owls and when I saw those scrolls...I saw some "big ole" owl eyes...the rest is history. Here is the anatomy of an owl....or at least this owl...
Owl Anatomy
Scroll= Eye inspiration
The next 3 weeks were spent sanding, filling, painting, sanding and painting again, and again....
Filling and sanding
More sanding and filling
Tried Turquoise (no pic)
Didn't like it....sanded again
New color...
Nope...this isn't it
You can see why it took a month, right? I just could not make up my mind about the color...nothing seemed to look right, until I saw the 
color of the year, 2012....Tangerine! I knew I had found the perfect color....
Love Tangerine
The "IT" color
Once I had the color, I had to take a trip to Michael's to complete my vision for off to the store to get some sparkle...

Pebbles...had to have
Here's my bling!
With bling in hand I grabbed my "Gorilla super glue", and got to work....this part only took 2 days...well worth it, don't ya think?...
Only Gorilla will do
Love Owlivia
Love it!
How big is Owlivia?
Pebbles "rock"!....I know, I
couldn't help it
I put a quarter in the pic above to give you an idea of her size....Now here is one more look at the before and after pics....
Curvy Rocker...
Tangerine Owl
So what do you think of my transformation from Curvy Rocker to Rockin' Owl?  
Do you love the tangerine or not? What type of vignette would you use with it, or would you let it stand alone? I really love hearing all of your suggestions and hints....tell me what you think!

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