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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time for Stuffing?

Hi Ya'll and Happy Fall!!!
Did I happen to mention that I work nights...UUGGHHH!!!....and that my husband is a HUGE Crimson Tide (and every other SEC team) fan....and I have to sleep sometime....and, well you get the idea...not much done on the dresser today! We did start stripping the other side, but not much progress at this point. Any ideas on how to get the leftover paint (the little tiny specks) out of the wood grain after you strip the wood? We have sanded...and sanded...and sanded, but to no avail. We REALLY don't want to mess up the gold inlay, but much more sanding and it will be toast! If you have suggestions, let me know. Well enough for excuses...I didn't forget the surprise "next project" soon to be favorite chair! When we went to pick up the free dressers (yes, I said dresserS...the other was just average so I sold it), the lovely lady asked if we wanted to haul off the chair too...Like I could leave this perfect chair behind! So, whataya think? I know it looks rough now...especially with the stuffing hanging out, but I it is fall, so it is a perfect time for stuffing! The cane back is in perfect shape and the heavy duty springs are still working great. I haven't picked the fabric yet, so do you have any favorite fabrics you think I should try? The chair color is open too....send your ideas for both. Gotta get ready for another night at work....see you tomorrow with another "needs to be done" project.....By the way.....ROOOOLLLLLL TIDE!!!!
Hate these paint speckles, but love the gold inlay....any ideas?

More speckles...mineral spirits didn't work either!

Future favorite chair

Time for Stuffing?

So how does this happen?

Good sturdy springs

Paint the cane or not?

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