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Friday, October 28, 2011


Hi Ya'll and Merry Christmas...
Okay, I know it is  little early for Christmas, but it is just around the corner....and for our family that means, new Christmas ornaments! I promised to share our unique ornaments close to Christmas.....but I couldn't wait. I happen to be one of THOSE people that can not stand to wait to open my gifts..(did you know a razor blade will cut the tape without detection, or messing up the paper) Growing up I always knew all my gifts before Christmas....and I like it that way!!!!  Anyway, it is that same personality quirk that will not allow me to wait to show all of you our treasures.....I will wait to do the the step by step (only because I haven't written or photographed it yet). Here are just a Mom has done these for over 50 years so I think the count is at about 250 ornaments. We each (Mom, Amelia, and me), do a new one each year. Let me know what you think?...See ya soon, Lori

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lost in the Blogosphere

Hi Ya'll!
Sorry I didn't get back to posting yesterday, but I have been lost in the computer crashed and my blog along with it! I noticed that my blog site had these little gray screwdriver and wrenches next to stuff and I didn't like daaahhhhh, I deleted a couple before I realized I made a fatal error. Anyway, it has taken me all this time just to get my blog back to normal (normal for me anyway). The positive side is that in all the configuring I realized that none of my "buttons" to other sites were operational....go figure!
Since I have been on the computer FOREVER....I have not worked on any this why people pay to have their blogs designed?....that idea is beginning to sound pretty good!
I did take a few minutes to go and pick up a fabulous CL find. I've been looking for a hall tree and the cheapest I have found is $250...until yesterday. I found this one for $45....WooooHooooo!!! This will be perfect for my you think I should paint it or leave it alone? I am not that crazy about oak....but that would be ANOTHER project.  I hope to back to play work on my projects tomorrow. Talk to you soon, Lori

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Have a Backsplash

Hi Ya'll
The new home in Alabama is almost finished, and my sweet daughter in-law, Karen, sent me more pics.....I have a backsplash, Yeeaahhh!!! Thanks Karen for making this long distance building project a little easier:)

So do you think it is fantastic?
It was hard to tear myself away from home pics, but I had to sand and sand, and sand! I'm not sure how you can sand for 6 hours and  not be finished, but I am  proof that it is possible:(
Still has some paint

Used stripper and then sanded

I kinda like this look

No change in the dresser except that it is too big for the much for a reserved spot. After talking to Karen I now know that I have 50 inches to work with (between the front door and the study door) I know, I could I not know how much space I have in my new entryway....well, I just have a floor plan that I can barely read and I stink and dimensionalizing (is that a word?)....I can't read a map either! Oh well, at least I'm creative, right? While  on the subject of creativity, I am getting excited about Christmas (yeah, I know I'm getting ahead of myself), and our annual Christmas ornaments. My mom has made her own ornaments for 50 years, and each one is beautifully unique...She taught me and I taught Amelia.....NOW I want to teach all of you too. I will give you all a preview soon, and then you can get excited too. I'll do a full "how to" closer to Christmas. Until tomorrow, Lori

Monday, October 24, 2011

Talkin' to Myself

Hi Ya'll! It has been such a busy day, but I love it. As you know if you have been following my posts (who am I kidding, I am just talkin' to myself....for now!), I have several projects going right now. Let's do an update before we get to ANOTHER "to be done" project...The dresser is coming along, but it is taking forforforever to get the little speckles of paint out of the wood grain. This stunning piece (it will be stunning), has a spot reserved in the entryway of the new home:)


Not quite  After...

  We started to strip the chair, and I love it! Stuffing...GONE, springs....GONE, paint....GOING. Amelia is helping...I think she is staking a claim on my chair. Maybe I will let her choose the fabric.

Stuffing Gone!

Add caption

Springs...out for cleaning

LK Pierce & Son ? Anyone know anything about this?

Amelia staking her claim

The bench got no attention today....hey, there are only so many hours in a day...
My "to do" project for today is a set of 3 barstools that I picked up for other 2 stools are distressed white wood from Pier 1 (got them for $30 on CL:))...Mixing the two!
Repaint pewter?

More fabric decisions!

Well, that is it for now...I plan on finishing at least one of my projects before I add anymore "to do" stuff!  The next project?....I wanna try something with chaulk paint...anyone out there tried it yet?....let me know how you liked it. Talk to ya tomorrow...Lori

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What a View

Hi Ya'll,
I worked again last night, but it has its benefits....check out my view of the Golden Gate!

Sunrise in SF
No work on furniture projects on Sunday, but I can share yet another "to be done" project...have you noticed I have a lot to do, but don't have a lot done?!? This cute little metal bench was just sitting outside waiting for a home....our home! It has some rust and the seat is rotten, but I can see this jewel in our new home....just not sure how I see it yet. Does anyone else suffer from fabric envy? I love a great fabric, but as soon as I choose "the one", I find another one that I like even better and so I end up with nothing... but fabric envy! If any of you have some favorite fabrics, how about sharing them with me....I need help! Okay that is it for today, but I will share another undone project tomorrow.....yes I have more:)....Talk to ya later

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time for Stuffing?

Hi Ya'll and Happy Fall!!!
Did I happen to mention that I work nights...UUGGHHH!!!....and that my husband is a HUGE Crimson Tide (and every other SEC team) fan....and I have to sleep sometime....and, well you get the idea...not much done on the dresser today! We did start stripping the other side, but not much progress at this point. Any ideas on how to get the leftover paint (the little tiny specks) out of the wood grain after you strip the wood? We have sanded...and sanded...and sanded, but to no avail. We REALLY don't want to mess up the gold inlay, but much more sanding and it will be toast! If you have suggestions, let me know. Well enough for excuses...I didn't forget the surprise "next project" soon to be favorite chair! When we went to pick up the free dressers (yes, I said dresserS...the other was just average so I sold it), the lovely lady asked if we wanted to haul off the chair too...Like I could leave this perfect chair behind! So, whataya think? I know it looks rough now...especially with the stuffing hanging out, but I it is fall, so it is a perfect time for stuffing! The cane back is in perfect shape and the heavy duty springs are still working great. I haven't picked the fabric yet, so do you have any favorite fabrics you think I should try? The chair color is open too....send your ideas for both. Gotta get ready for another night at work....see you tomorrow with another "needs to be done" project.....By the way.....ROOOOLLLLLL TIDE!!!!
Hate these paint speckles, but love the gold inlay....any ideas?

More speckles...mineral spirits didn't work either!

Future favorite chair

Time for Stuffing?

So how does this happen?

Good sturdy springs

Paint the cane or not?

Friday, October 21, 2011

We Struck Gold

Hi Ya'll!
Well my free dresser just keeps getting better and better! My husband and I started stripping  and sanding and it is gagagorgeous....I planned on painting but we aren't sure yet...whata you think? There are a few cosmetic problems that may require paint, but only time will tell. We removed the mirror frame so the top has two holes that have to be filled, and a couple of the drawers have chipped corners, but that just adds to the charm, right!? The best part of the day was WE STRUCK GOLD...the top, sides and drawer fronts all have an inlayed double pinstripe of gold. The stripper didn't damage it so we are not sure what it is made of.....does anyone know? Take a look at the pics and let me know what you think. Don't laugh at the space that  we have to work is the super packed garage (no car in here!). This is where we keep all our finds and projects....Amazingly I have sold and given away more than I have (sure wish I had known about blogging...I would have taken pics).  See ya soon!

Cliff working sooo hard!

What a work space....he he

At least two layers of paint (one lead....YUK)

One side sanded....sooo pretty, huh?

Double pinstripe gold strip

Partially sanded drawer with gold stripes.....ever seen this before?

Beautiful I just need a key

My husband...."Why are you taking pictures instead of sanding?"....somebody's gotta do it!

Other side...just started

Fancy Feet

Drawer with chipped corner...haven't got to these yet

My next surprise project....Can you guess what it is.....Check back tomorrow for the reveal