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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Love is in the Air

I have been looking around Pinterest today cause' I was too tired to do much of anything else. Just in case you missed it (not likely), I work nights, and I hate it! I know hate is a strong word, but in this case it applies! Night is for sleeping, dreaming, snuggling and the like,.... NOT working! Don't get me wrong, I am grateful that I have a job, but I still hate working nights...just do!
 Okay, so back to my trip around Pinterest. I would tell you what I was looking for, but if you "pinterest" then you know there is no way you can stay on a particular task. I started out looking at entryways, then I saw a cabinet I love which led me to a site, where I found something else I love, which led me to subway art, which led me to Valentine's day, which led me see what I mean? Pinterest had to be created by an ADD decorator with OCD...NO, not me!!! So I ended up thinking about love, and it reminded me of a beautiful thing that happened this morning...I got home from work, took off my shoes, and hung up my keys, and I saw it....On the message board, where I hang my keys, my daughter had written one of her poems. I say "one" of her poems cause' she is a writer at heart and she is always leaving little songs, or poems scattered on pieces of random paper. Today was a treat though because instead of just stumbling upon her work, I found it where she purposely wrote it... on the message board for all to see...she shared freely ( a good sign)!  Here is the sweet treat I Amelia original...
Gotta love it!

My 11 year old poet
My pics aren't that great cause my android is all I have at the reads...

Love will triumph
Hate will fail
For love is like soft raindrops
While hate is like hard hail

So glad I could share with all of you....Have a day filled with love!

Poofy Cheeks


Tammi Evette said...

What a sweet poem...Amelia is a wonderful poet!

Shari Valicenti said...

I think your daughter must be very aware for her age and very talented. The comparison is lovely....I hope it is ok for me to put this on my Facebook, my friends will love it. Shari