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Monday, January 23, 2012

Dueling Decor

Wow I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! It has been a few days cause' I don't always feel like I have much to say. Although I have noticed that most of ya'll just blog about whatever is happening in your life, so what is up with me? I have been pondering about this lately, and I did not really like what I came up with...
 Yep!!! I was worrying about if anyone would care what I wrote, or read it, or the BIG question...would they "follow me"?  I started this blog as an outlet, a stress reliever, because I love to write what I am feeling or doing, and I love sharing with others. So what happened over the last few months? I started seeing the success of other bloggers, the e-books, magazine articles, TV spots....Blogger Fame!!! I have a successful career, and all of a sudden it became imperative that I was a successful blogger...Why? Well the why doesn't really matter, but I am back to just enjoying myself. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good following as much as the next blogger, but I just wanna talk (and meet some of you awesome people one day), and have fun. 
Okay, I got all that said, so time to move on!
I have been working on soooo many projects I feel like my head will explode...too many actually. Of course, this is because I was desperate to put out a new project every week so I could spend hours linking to every party, so I could get comments, so I could be recognized, so I could get followers, so I could be the BEST DARN Blogger Around!!!
NOW, I think I'm finished ranting about my crazy competitive needs so I will move on this time...really!
As most of you know, I am living in California, waiting to move to Alabama (home), with a brand spankin' new house just waiting for me to make a home. I shared much of this story the other day Here, in case you missed it. Anyway, what I didn't mention was that my moms' style diametrically opposes my style...I'm talkin' opposites here! 
I'm not sure what my home will look like cause' I like a little bit of everything (well almost). Here is where I was going to pull up some pics to show you what I like, but I have no idea how to put that little "source" button, or even where to find the original source on most of my pins....SO, please check out my home decor board Here to see some of what I like. Our new home needs to make everyone happy, so I am unsure how to take what I like and incorporate what my mom has....I can show you what she has cause' I LIVE with these sources on a daily it is from the front door..

Front door, Pink recliner, Pink valance

Vintage clock 
Gold table next to pink chair.....
Brass and glass BIG lamp
Brass and glass table next to
the other table...???
Fireplace and brass deer
Wall long mantle with
Brass clock
Brass clock in front
of mirrored wall
Brass and crystal hanging lamp
Couch, Gold mirror, pics...
Another lamp
Gold coffee table
Wall oak cabinet with ...
brass deer
Scale...where's the justice?
Candle...I think!
China hutch in dining room
Main bath...Pink tile, gray sink, Gold faucet
More of the same
Main bath....
Towels (not for use!)
"Looking Towels"
Fake plant above toilet
Purple and tassles
Mom's night stand
Mom's room
Above door shelf
I am the one who faux painted the was a phase I went through way before blogging was a word. Now I wonder what I was thinking! 
Okay, back to the dilemma....How do I put all this bling in a  new house that I want to feel like home...Moms room is NOT that big! We plan on letting her have the office for a TV room of her own, so I'm thinking the gold tables can go in there. Mom wants the lamps in her room...Whew!!! (sigh of relief)! The actual problem is that I want mom to feel at home too. How can I incorporate both of our styles, without giving up the "feel" I  want? Just to add another bump in the husband is a table, one chair, a TV and a remote is his perfect living room...UGH!
Do you get my frustration? If ya'll have any pics, suggestions, grand ideas, or just a crazy idea, please send em' my way. I just had to laugh the other day when I considered gathering pics of all my stuff in storage, and adding them to the pics of mom's stuff, and then the empty house pics, and sending them all to one of those online decorators....I would have done it if I had the funds, and if I didn't  mind living with the fact that I had driven some poor designer insane :-0
So go ahead and tell me what you like, what you hate, and what I can do....
I'm a blogger in need of professional blogger advice...Bring it on!


Peggy said...

Lori - you do have a challenge on your hands to incorporate everyone's style! I will be interested to see how it goes. I can totally relate to wanting to be the best at blogging - it's funny because the more relaxed about it I become - the more followers I seem to have...hmmmm.
Hugs, Peggy

Brigitte @ Evolution of a home said...

I'm totally with you both on the blogging thing. I have been at it just a month and have noticed it, and kind of feel the same. I think that's what makes us human, the competitive spirit. We were raised that way! Lori, I really enjoy reading your blog, and it's one of the few I do make sure and have time to. Your stories are so familiar! Except I am not going to ever get to move back home and leave California...ever. But I'm making lemonade!! Your Mom sounds like mine exempt she has better taste...and the reason she is living with my brother is because I wouldn't let her decorate my house LOL. Seriously though, I think it's your home, and you should be decorating it. Moms had their turn. It's important we have our turn at the helm, and when it's our time to stay with our children, then they get to make those design choices. But that's just my little ole gosh I am chatty today. anyway..loved reading the latest installment!

Sally said...

I can also relate about the blogging thing...I can't wait to see what come up with! I also wanted to let you know that I'm hosting my first giveaway, I'd love you to stop by my blog & enter to win a free My Memories digital scrapbooking software!

Tammi Evette said...

You have a big challenge on your hands but I have to agree with Brigitte it is your home. You decorate it based on your family's style. I would suggest having an estate sale to get rid of some of mom's things...but look at what she does have and see if you can tweak them some (look at them with different eyes)....lots of gold there but white paint works miracles! or any color paint for that matter. Your new home is lovely and I hope you get there soon....just have fun!! I completely understand about the blog thing too...i get so stressed out over it sometimes whether I am being read or followed I make myself nuts...and it shouldn't be about that...we can work on it together!!

Anonymous said...

WOW...just...WOW! That's a lot of brass and gold!! I'm with Bridgette as well, it is YOUR house, after all. Maybe decorate your Mom's spaces with some of her stuff, to make her comfortable. Ask if she'd mind you 'updating' some of the pieces you like, and get rid of the rest. (by the way, that crystal/brass light would be AWESOME painted a bright shiny red...)If she doesn't understand getting rid of some stuff, show her pictures of things you like and want in your home, maybe show her pinterest pictures, or magazines. I think if she gets to bring along her most favorite stuff she'll probably be ok with it...
The brass deer are nice for Christmas decorations...just sayin...