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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Edible Wreath

Hi ya'll, get your coffee and come on in....
I was strolling through my local dollar tree and I spotted some plain green wreaths (don't you just love the dollar tree?). I've been planning to make a wreath like I did when I was a kid...a candy wreath! Way back when...we used a wire coat hanger, string and candy. Getting the coat hanger into a circular shape wasn't much fun, and now the hangers are much thinner, and hard to find. This $1 wreath has a sturdy wire frame and the branches give it some thickness, so it is perfect for our candy wreath. Wanna make one too?....Follow along...
Peppermint Wreath
Multi-colored Candy Wreath

Here is the supply list and the cost breakdown:
  • Dollar tree wreath ($1)
  • Dollar tree wreath hanger ($1)
  • Peppermints, or whatever wrapped candy you like (Walgreens has different colors for under $2) $12 for 7 bags
  • String (not to thick) $0...had on hand
  • Kid scissors ($3...if you don't have a dozen on hand, like me) 
  • Bow(optional) $0...made from ribbon on hand
  • Stretchy cord (to hang your scissors) $0...We have boxes of this stuff!
  • TOTAL Cost to Me.....$8 per wreath (with lots of candy left over)
Stuff to get started!
Now you just have to cut a piece of string about 6-8" and tie it around the wreath, making a knot....Pick a piece of candy and tie another knot around one end of the candy wrapper, securing the candy to the wreath.  You can cut the string ends off for a polished look or you can leave some hanging for a country look....Repeat, Repeat, Repeat....
Amelia is the BEST helper
She's fast too!
After finishing your wreath (you can do just the front, or front and back), add a bow and a "stretchy string" to hang your kid scissors....ALL DONE!!!  (Watch out...put a daily limit for each family member, or the wreath will be gone in a blink!) YUMMY!!!
You could do a butterscotch wreath for Thanksgiving, or a "smartie" wreath for baby much texture and the pastel is perfect. What other ideas do you have?

Comment and let me know how you and your family like this edible wreath...I super appreciate any comments or followers :0

Enjoy, and see you soon...


Kerryanne English said...

This is fantastic and I know it wouldn't last long in my house - lol

I'd lov eit if you'd come join th elink party at Simply Christmas at

craftytexasgirls said...

Sweet! This would be a fav in my house. Visiting from the Creative Paige.
:) crafty texas girls

gail said...

I am so not ready for the holidays! :)
Great Wreaths Lori! I like the colorful one with lots of candy.
thanks for sharing @ catch as catch can,

Holly Lefevre said...

This is so cute and fun...I wonder how long it would take my kids to sneak all the candy!?