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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stressed or Blessed?

Do you feel blessed or stressed? Yesterday, I got an email from Dixie and Dottie over at Dixie n Dottie, about a new party! This is NOT any ole' is a party of praise, appropriately named...

Dixie n Dottie

The idea is to take a few moments of relaxation, dwell on blessings, and share with others...Here is what you share:
***List 5 things that you are thankful for...that all start with the same letter***
***Give a short summary of something good that happened to you this week***
***List 3 things that made you smile or laugh this past week***
***Tell us the "favorite thing" you did this week***
***Share a kind deed that you did this week***
Grab a button, post on your blog, and link up to the party....Come on and share some blessings!....Here are mine...
1.  Health, Happiness, Hope, Heaven, Hands to hold
2.  Mr. B2U and Amelia made a spring break trip home, and were in an accident on the way home....The van slid on snow and ice and went into a spin, on a bridge with only a guard rail between them and a 100 foot drop. An 18 wheel truck was behind them, and if they had not come to a stop in exactly the right spot the truck would not have been able to avoid them. No one was hurt and our vehicle only suffered minor damage...Thanks be to God!!!
3.  My family came home early and surprised me! Amelia  was called a "goodie two shoes"...people still say that? Spring is here!
4.  I played putt putt golf with my family...didn't win, but had a blast!
5.  I shared what I had with a stranger.
Thanks D&D for giving me permission to stop and rest in the moment and just be thankful! Come on fellow bloggers, head over to the greatest party ever....a real celebration!


Amy - while wearing heels said...

What a wonderful way to remember to keep perspective and focus on the things that really matter that we should be grateful for. How fortunate that the accident wasn't more serious and that no one was injured. I also loved reading that you shared something with a stranger.

amy @

Dixie n Dottie said...

Thank you so much for joining us! I loved reading about your blessings! Thank God that He protected your family! That is a HUGE blessing! :)

Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

This is really cool. I think I will do it at our blog!

I pretty much always feel blessed and stressed, but I think the blessed definitely outweighs the stressed which is good. It's all about having the right mindset :)